Andrée Pouliot

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Andrée Pouliot specializes in Indian textile and handicrafts development, production, promotion and documentation, as well as consultation work. Other projects include book illustration and miniature painting. She also programmes and escorts personal Elite tours in Jaipur, specializing in The Art of Blockprint, (both tours and workshops) and Living Arts of Jaipur walks, in the winding lanes of Old Walled City Jaipur.

 “I thrive on direct interaction with craftspersons,  I love nothing better than working with people who work with their hands.  Artisans of India have breathtakingly refined skills and patience at their crafts, inherited and learned from the generations before them. They have my highest respect”.

Print Workshop

Jaipur is a wonderful city to live in. Over three centuries ago Maharajah Jai Singh planned a city unlike any other, with a meticulous civic layout that designated wards and sub-wards for each of the artisan groups he invited to settle in the new city. Craft trditions run deep. Apart from the famous block prints, they include hand embroidery with gold threads, gem cutting and jewelry production, hand-painted blue pottery, embroidered slippers, marble carving, fine metal work and many others. Many specialist craft artisans are still working in Jaipur, often in their ancestral family homes tucked into the bylanes of the walled city of Old Jaipur. I enjoy exploring these lanes to learn more about Jaipur’s Living Arts traditions, and to share my discoveries with visitors on my artisan walks.

Elle India March 2019
Marvellous Interiors – a hand painted and gilded 19thc merchant’s showroom in Rajasthan
Thank you Ani Gupta for creating this video in Feb 2019
Marvellous Interiors – Chinoserie-inspired 19thc painted ceiling (gym!) in Rajasthan
Thank you Ani Gupta for creating this video in Feb 2019