Andree Pouliot in Jaipur Feb 2016.jpg
Exploring Old City Jaipur 2016

It was during Expo 67 in Montreal that Andrée first came in contact with hand block printed fabric, at the India Pavilion. When Andrée came to India to work as her mother’s design assistant in 1978, the beauty of traditional blockprinted fabrics sparked a life long passion for the unique craft.  She had to learn more about the art, and Jaipur was the right place to study it, as the local tradition of blockprinting in the sunny desert capital goes back hundreds of years.

First trip to Jaipur 1978

In 1984, Andrée and her husband Radhakrishnan Nair started their own company Soma Blockprints in Jaipur, to produced blockprinted fabrics and products in Andree’s designs.

self+Lotus block-m-1987.jpeg
Early days, Andrée inspecting a newly carved block “Lotus” in 1987.

“Why did you move to Jaipur?

Because this is where the printers live”

 Block printing with wood blocks became my lifetime passion and career 30 years ago. Now I’m an evangelist for the craft. When I discovered that in India I could transform my drawings into fabric, I was hooked.

 I began designing textile prints in India the old-fashioned way, by observation, and by trial and error.

 My early graphic art training stood me in good stead.  I was able to grasp the technical features of hand-block printing quickly and figure out possible design innovations and options.  I have created many block-print designs, at least 500 or more and I continue to train interns and young designers at Soma in order to share my knowledge.

Working with both customers and artisans taught me to create well-drawn, commercially attractive patterns.  Often, I will take a traditional Indian design as my inspiration and tweak, re-colour and re-work it. Sometimes, a product may require a more modern print and then I will reference archival European, African and Far Asian designs.  As a commercial print designer, I consider myself to be a visual editor. The patterns of the world are available to be re-imagined.

I would say discovering blockprint in Jaipur was a life-altering pathway; I knew at once that I was destined to work with both fabrics and surface design in India.

Andree and Radha in Sanganer1987-m.jpeg
Early days, Radha and Andrée at the printer’s workshop in Sanganer 1985
printer with Egret block-m.jpeg
The first print run was so exciting!
Ap-printer 2015-m.JPG
Trying out a new print layout with one of our skilled master printers 2015
colour work in studio- m.JPG
Planning colourways for new print designs in my studio 2015
Home, a sprawling haveli rescued from ruins 20 years ago.        photo Clare Arni

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  1. Hello Andrée,
    How are you?
    This is Kuljit ! It has been a long time!
    So if this is your contact, let me know where you are at.
    I have some good news 🙂

    Talk to you soon.


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